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A Fast Read That Packs an Emotional Punch

My Story - Elizabeth  Smart, Chris Stewart

In college I had to read a book about resilience and what makes some people bounce back from horrible tragedies while others fall into despair that leaves them broken. My Story by Elizabeth Smart could be a great companion piece to that book. Rather than a prurient sinking into the gory details it focuses on how she managed to survive a nine-month ordeal when she was abused, raped and held captive. While there are portions when she comes off as totally naive, and I had to remind myself she was 14 when it all happened, that purity - for lack of a better word - seemed to get her through it all. I couldn't help but be taken in by a girl who finds blessings to count on Thanksgiving after months of being held against her will. It's a fast read that packs an emotional punch.